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Andy Clarke

Principal Engineer

Andy (aka Clarkie) is former CTO at Tido Music and Technical Architect at Concrete. He also runs LNUG, one of Europe's largest Node.js meetup.

Clarkie's skills lay mostly in engineering concerns, getting software products to market quickly by focusing on delivering the greatest amount of business value with the smallest amount of code. He specialises in systems architecture including serverless and cloud infrastructure. His projects have delivered scalable apps across territories including both single and multi-tenanted environments.

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Philip Spain

Principal Engineer

Phil is former Technical Director at Trail and previously lead a team at Amazon Instant Video.

Phil is usually more end-user focused, helping product owners with balancing product, business and technical demands. He specialises in lean software development practices, design and architecture, continuous testing, integration & delivery, and helping businesses with hiring & culture.

Azza Profile Picture

Aaron Kendall

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Azza is a front-end-focused, full-stack Javascript engineer who thrives in an environment with vague requirements and delivers polished features from wireframes or even just discussions over a coffee. He's most at home in Typescript but also has experience writing Ruby and Python should the occasion call for it.

In his spare time he built and launched RIDEHUB.

In between pull requests he can be found making impeccable coffee and regaling us all with his encyclopedic knowledge of British history.

Jacob Profile Picture

Jacob Parker

Senior Front-End Engineer

Jacob is our native-app expert and is capable of coding at the speed of thought. He has a tendency to run out of things to do, so once he's finished burning through your backlog you can usually find him refactoring your code or upgrading your SDKs & native apps to meet the latest App Store guidelines. Be ready.

Jacob builds apps. Lots of apps. Here's a small selection... Pocket Jam, Key Lines & TechniCalc.

Kyle Profile Picture

Kyle MacPherson

Senior Back-End Engineer

Kyle is our resident Ruby expert and voice of sanity when it comes to decision making. While he's happy getting his hands dirty (his words) on the front end, Kyle is much happier building the APIs that drive a product or business.

As a former professional poker player and student of Economics, Kyle is just as capable engineering as he is spending time with clients to help them understand the probability of their projects being successful.


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